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PLCs At Work: Sessions start Oct. 9 & 10

Taking Action book cover Instructional staff members:  Join us in learning how to implement the fundamentals of a PLC through the two Professional Learning Communities At Work series starting at ESD 105 this October.

Solution Tree will be offering two series:  One for elementary school professionals (Oct. 9 and Feb. 5) and one for intermediate, middle, and high school professionals (Oct. 10 and Feb. 6).  All sessions will happen from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the ESD 105 Maggie Perez Student Success Cener.

These sessions will delve deep into the three big ideas of PLCs -- the focus on learning, developing a collaborative culture, and a results orientation -- to give you specific, practical, and inspiring strategies for helping transform your school community.  You'll also see how PLCs fit into the big picure of multi-tiered systems of support (such as RTI and PBIS) and how to build capacity and sustainability for the PLC process.  

Enrollment for each series with guest instructor Gerald williams is $700, and 12 clock hours are available.  Each attendee will receive a copy of the book "Taking Action: A Handbook for RTI at Work."

REGISTER HERE for the Elementary School Professionals series happening on Tuesdays, Oct. 9 and Feb. 5.

REGISTER HERE for the Intermediate, Middle, and High School Professionals series happening on Wednesdays, Oct. 10 and Feb. 6.