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Grandview and Wapato superintendents receive regional leadership awards

Congratulations to Wapato superintendent Becky Imler and Grandview superintendent Henry Strom, both receipients of regional leadership awards during the annual banquet of the ESD 105 Superintendent Advisory Council and the Washington Association of School Administrators’ South Central Region.  The awards were handed out on May 2 at Yakima’s Howard Johnson Plaza.

Grandview supt. Henry Strom, Wapato supt. Becky Imler, and WASA assistant executive director Helene Poroff Imler, the retiring superintendent of the Wapato School District, was presented the Student Achievement Award, which recognizes exceptional work that has resulted in measurable growth in student scholastic achievement. 

Throughout her 12 years as superintendent, Imler has built a reputation for incorporating rigorous expectations, effective use of data, continuous improvement, and transparent accountability as foundations of her leadership in the Wapato School District.

During her citation remarks in presenting the award, WASA assistant executive director Helene Paroff stated:  “She is consistent in her approach and, as a result, the Wapato School District is on a path of continuous improvement.  Her ability to communicate her passion for learning is contagious, and the students and community of Wapato have greatly benefitted.  She is not shy about making decisions that result in improved performance and increased learning.  Her rigor and demand for excellence is second to none and will be missed.”      

Grandview supt. Henry Strom and WASA assistant executive director Helene Poroff Strom, superintendent of the Grandview School District, was presented the Award of Merit for effective educational leadership at the regional level and for significant contributions to WASA’s work throughout the state. 

Strom has served as president of the WASA South Central Region’s chapter throughout the 2018-2019 school year.  During one of the initial meetings of the regional school administrators group last fall, Strom provided a message and activity reminding school leaders about the importance of self-care, and pointed back to this concept several times during the months since. 

As part of her citation remarks in presenting the award, WASA assistant executive director Helene Paroff stated:  “I know [this theme] has resonated with others in our region, and I believe it has had a positive impact overall.  While there are many examples of Henry’s leadership leaving a positive mark in the region, I believe this example was one that many could identify with.”