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West Valley assistant principal receives first Brian Winter School Safety Award

Klayton Wyckoff, an assistant principal at West Valley High School, is the first recipient of the newly created Sheriff Brian Winter School Safety Award.

Former sheriff Winter was on hand to help present the award from the ESD 105 School Safety Operations and Coordination Center during a year-end meeting and luncheon of school safety leads on June 18. 

The new award was created as a way to recognize a local school employee for exemplifying outstanding progress, attitude, and consistency in promoting a safety mindset at his or her school.

The former sheriff was joined by ESD 105 school safety project manager Chris Weedin in announcing Wyckoff's selection.  Wyckoff serves as the school’s safety lead, and spearheaded the efforts to have West Valley High School enroll in the ESD 105 SSOCC’s programs. 

CLICK HERE to watch KIMA-TV's June 18 segment about the award.

Through Wyckoff’s involvement this past year, West Valley High School became the first school to have its entire crisis planning team become trained in crisis response skills.  It also became the first high school in the area to have an “orange vest drill,” which tests the responses of staff and students when a stranger wearing an orange vest enters a school facility.  On another occasion, Wyckoff recruited the involvement of the West Valley Fire Department in supplying a smoke machine for a school evacuation drill. 

Jeff Jamieson accepts award from Chris Weedin and former sheriff Brian Winter Wyckoff was unable to attend the presentation, but the award was accepted on his behalf by Jeff Jamieson, another assistant principal at West Valley High School and the building’s athletic director.

Weedin and former ESD 105 school safety lead Randy Town conceived the idea to honor Winter with an award in his name as a way to recognize the former sheriff’s extensive involvement in helping initiate and support the area’s work in school safety.  Weedin told attendees at the luncheon that Winter immediately accepted the invitation to have the award named after him as well as the invitation to attend the event to help present this year’s award.