What continuing education is required to maintain my RN license?

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The Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission adopted rules for an independent continuing comptency program that went into effect in January 2011. Registered nurses and licensed practical nurses will be required to keep documentation showing at least 531 hours of active practice and 45 clock hours of continuing education.  For more information about the Continuing Competency Requirement see these links:

Washington State Dept. of Health's Continuing Competency site

Washington State Dept. of Health's "Options and Acceptable Documentation of Continuing Competency" PDF

Additionally, the legislature requires that registered nurses shall, at least once every 6 years, complete training in suicide assessment, treatment and management that is 6 hours in length and approved by the DOH.  For more information, see these links to RCW 43.70.442 and the DOH web page on suicide prevention training.