Mathematical Mindsets- STEM Clock Hours


This weeklong workshop will assist teachers and coaches in developing the mathematics potential for all students through rich tasks, growth mindset messages and student discourse. Participants are eligible for STEM clock hours. 

Participants will receive a copy of Mathematical Mindsets. 

Participants will:  

  • Engage in rich mathematical tasks and number talks across multiple grade levels to experience growth mindset in action.
  • Examine the research that supports the development of a growth mindset through a book study of Mathematical Mindsets.
  • Exploring the power of mathematical discourse to organize and deepen our understanding of mathematical ideas.


Date:  June 26, 2019

           June 27, 2019


Time:  8:00-3:00

Location:  ESD 105 Yakima Room

Instructors:   Luke Matlack, Dawn Sparks

Fee:  $100.00

Session Number:  123967

Mathmatical Mindset 6.27.19.pdf, 691.04 KB; (Last Modified on April 17, 2019)