Improving Discourse Through Mathematics


Mathematical Language Routines 

Students need abundant and diverse opportunities for speaking, listening, reading and writing.  Mathematical development requires students to take risks, construct meaning, and create representations.  This two day series will provide participants with supports for students to develop mathematics through immersion in language strategies.

Key Activies Include: 

  • Strategies to get students to construct grade-appropriate oral and written claims and support them with reasoning and evidence;
  • Understand how to open up mathematics to engage all students and foster greater academic conversations;
  • Increase productive and receptive language through use of productive routines and rich mathematical tasks.
  • Make connections of Mathematical Practices to the English Language Proficiency Standards


Day One:  June 24, 2019

Day Two:  June 25, 2019


Time:  8:00-3:00

Location:  ESD 105 Yakima Room

Instructor:   Dawn Sparks & Luke Matlack

Fee: $100.00

Session: 123968

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