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MTSS State Cohort Information

Educational Service Districts (ESDs) across Washington State are providing support to school districts to ensure every student has equitable access to the instruction and supports they need to thrive. In coordination with OSPI, the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Cohort through ESD 105 leads districts through the implementation of an evidence-based framework focused on organizing the efforts of adults within systems to be more efficient and effective. MTSS consists of essential components which enable teams to work together to adapt instruction and supports to varied student needs. If your district is interested in applying for the 2023 MTSS cohort, contact ESD 105’s Multi-Tiered System of Supports Coordinator for more information and to begin the exploration of MTSS.

Contact MTSS Coordinator

Brandon Riddle

Brandon Riddle

Titles: Assistant Director of Student Support
Roles: Faculty & Staff
Locations: Annex
Phone Numbers:
Mobile: 509-823-3149
School: 509-567-6680