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School Counselor Support

“School counselors are highly educated, professionally certified individuals who help students succeed in school and plan their careers. An integral part of the total education system, school counselors help students form healthy goals, mindsets, and behaviors. With the aid of a school counselor, students learn to develop effective collaboration and cooperation skills, practice perseverance, develop time management and study skills, and learn self-motivation and self-direction habits.”

 - American School Counselor Association 

The Student Support team is here to provide support, create opportunities for collaboration, and resource brokerage for School Counselors in the ESD 105 Region.
For information on the roles and responsibilities of School Counselors, visit: 

ESD 105 School Counselor Professional Learning Community

Join ESD 105 Regional Counselors on the third Tuesday of each month from 9 am to 11 am at ESD 105 or via zoom. Through the professional learning community, School Counselors will receive training on relevant topics and network with others in the region. 

Through this annual professional learning community for school counselors, we plan to:

1. Develop a School Counselor PLC that begins to address the need for responsiveness to a crisis. 
2. Develop and provide additional training for skills that will enhance in-district counseling services. 
3. Provide a forum for self-exploration and problem-solving in order to identify the most functional and appropriate ways to respond to internal and external needs. 

This course will use evidence-based skill-building and hands-on focus on the implementation and delivery of learned skills and show how to incorporate this into district data.


PD Enroller Link

For more information, please contact the Student Support team at ESD 105.

BEST Mentoring for ESA School Counselors

ESD 105 is continuing to develop opportunities for School Counselor Mentors and Mentees to come together for support and to strengthen their skills. The BEST Mentoring Program is designed to support first-year ESA’s in School Counseling. If you are interested in being a mentor and would like to be a mentee, please contact the Student Support team at ESD 105. 


SSB 5030 - Comprehensive School Counseling Plan


ESD 105 is happy to continue to provide support for the development and implementation of a Comprehensive School Counseling Plan as per SSB 5030. For support, please contact the Student Support team at ESD 105. For resources and additional guidance please visit: