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ESD 105 is proud to provide on-site hosting services for users of the SafePointe school safety dashboard software and SafePointe Notify alerting and crisis communication app.  In partnership with 4QTRS, we have developed a robust, secure and cost-effective solution to hosting and managing this powerful security utility.  Features of our full service hosting include:

  • Safe, Secure and Reliable Hosting:  Let us take care of the hardware, backups, bandwidth and server upgrades.  We host and maintain 100% of your SafePointe servers in our virtual server environment.
    On-Site Training:  We stand behind this product and provide on-site instruction and hands-on training for your staff, including an annual refresher.
  • 3-Phase Certification:  Our products only keep you safe if you know how to use them.  Our 3-Phase certification process guarantees that your school can start using the product quickly and be ready to use it when needed.
  • Quality Assurance:  Twice a year we will check all cameras, maps and other features to ensure they are working.
  • Annual Recertification:  Our engagement is long term.  We recertify your school every year to make sure your school is ready for anything.
  • Daily System Checks:  Every morning our dedicated technician verifies key systems in your school safety deployment.
  • User Management:  We manage your SafePointe users so you don't have to, changing passwords, assigning groups and adding/removing users.
  • Map Layer Changes and Asset Updates:  Adding new buildings and safety technology is a snap with hosting - our technicians will save you time and money by making your updates and corrections.
  • Annual User Updates:  We keep your user lists current so you don't have to.  Each year we'll send you the current list and work with you to make sure it's up to date.
  • Help Desk:  On call technical support and instruction on how to use the product, by phone or email.
  • Rapid Launch:  Get your SafePointe solution up and running quickly and efficiently.  Our servers are configured and ready to add new districts in a fraction of the time.

In matters of school safety, cooperation is crucial to success.  4QTRS has developed partnerships with and are working in conjunction with the following vendors and products:

For more information and additional supported vendors and products, or if you are considering a school safety technology purchase and would like to know if your preferred vendor is supported, please contact us.


Participating Vendors