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Welcome to SRO HQ!

  • SRO's are commissioned law enforcement officers assigned to support Washington schools.  They are an invaluable resource and provide many critical services for educators, students, parents and communities.  This site is dedicated to recognizing the hard work, diligence and service of these men and women and to providing tools and resources to help make the most of this valuable asset.  The goal of our schools is to provide the safest possible environment for our kids to learn and grow - and SRO's are at the heart of this process.





  • There are two reasons for this section: 

    For School Districts:  If your SRO is not meeting your expectations or is performing duties in an unreasonable, excessive or unsupportive way.

    For SRO's:  If you feel the school is not properly supporting you or is asking for unreasonable services. 

    For both groups, the steps are similar and most issues can be resolved easily with the first step.  If not, additional steps are offered to help reach a positive solution.

    1. Meeting With SRO and School Admins
      1. Review the MOU, definition and policy/procedure.
      2. Most importantly, clearly explain your expectations (use the list above).
    2. Meet With Sponsoring Law Enforcement Agency
      1. Review the same documents as above.
      2. Clearly describe the problem behaviors/actions and suggest alternatives.
      3. Refer to the specifics of the contract for dispute resolution.
    3. If a mediator is required, contact the SSOCC for possible assistance and additional resources.

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